Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Windwalker's Message

The Windwalker's message encourages us to stabilize and uphold positive energy. It encourages us to hold this precious gift so we may bestow this gift and be able to make it through the changing times in a good way together. Remember: make everything sacred. By remembering that everything is sacred, we succeed in upholding positive energy. Our lives are sacred. Our work is sacred, the ground we walk upon is sacred, the air we breathe is sacred, everything we touch and come into union and communion with in this life is sacred. As we hold it in sacredness, the cycle of grace is nourished and fed. This positive energy ignites other fires and lights other lights. This is what is necessary for us to be in a continual consciousness of sacredization. Do your best to be beautiful at all times, in all places, and under all circumstances, by holding everything holy and sacred.
 (April 29, 2007)
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Our Unfailing Resources

This planet gives us everything we need. It gives us the air we breathe. It gives us our food by giving us light from the sun, and it transmutes and transforms this light into the nourishment we need to live. This planet gives us the water we need, and it gives us fire to transform all of the elements for our benefit. Everything we do every day depends on the Great Circle of Life, and yet we rarely think about it.

We all know we need to eat food or we will get hungry; we know we need to drink water or we will get thirsty; and we know we need to find a way to stay warm when it is cold or we will freeze. This is a very mechanical understanding of the earth and of our relationship to the earth. As we move beyond the mechanical, we expand out from that very small view, and we begin to contemplate the nature of the earth that we live on, this huge planet that sustains us. 

The Earth is a cosmology that completely supports us. As we have overtaken the Earth and her resources, and as we have consumed and become insatiable, we have moved far away from our understanding of our infinite resources, and thus we have lost our connection with spiritual substance. Because we do not farm any more and because we do not need to collect our food in the way that we used to – we go to the supermarket instead – all of the things that we do now keep us void of our spiritual substance.

If our lives really depended on it, and if we really thought about it, we would always be amazed at the mystery and magic that sustains us—it would never leave us!  We would always be amazed that the seed sprouts into the plant. We would be amazed that the rivers and the waters are sacred pools that nurture and cleanse and refresh us. We would be amazed at the breezes and winds that come in and fill us up, and we breathe in and we are alive!  We would never forget how amazing the fire is. Every time I light a fire, I talk to the spirit of the fire, and every time I thank the spirit of the fire. 

The spiritual substance has diminished, not in reality and not from the spirit world, but it has diminished in the consciousness of human beings as we have begun to live lives separated from the natural world, and as we have chosen greed and forgotten how to be grateful. The substance is here, but we do not perceive it because we rarely see, in the vast sea of humanity, people connecting with the natural world anymore. We still depend on this earth just as much, but we live with the illusion that the supermarket is always going to be full of food.

What are we truly hungry for?

Humanity always wants something more or something else. We have become the hungry ghosts of Tibetan cosmology, forever trying to consume. But what is it that we are really hungry for?  It is not to consume more fast food, more clothes, more gadgets, or more of the stuff that we are hooked into.  Hungry ghosts are hungry for spiritual substance, but the spiritual substance is almost imperceptible. We must contemplate the nature of the Earth or participate in spiritual observances of the import of the natural world upon us. We must contemplate the diminishing resources, the quality of the water and air, and the consequences of our greed and arrogance. 

The messages about our disconnection that come through the news—“A hundred million gallons of toxic waste were dumped into the river” —are like stones skipping on water. We do not go deep; the news of our disconnection is just another little thing that we hear as white noise in the back of our consciousness.

The spiritual substance has been overlooked, dried up, and replaced with something else which we human beings focus on.  Somehow, in the world of matter, everything comes down to the body:  “Do I have enough food to eat?  How do I feel? How do I look? Do I have my health?”

 Our spirit is just as significant and important as our physiological body.  Our spiritual selves are a real aspect of our vibrational human constitution, and when we do not nurture our spirit, we turn into hungry ghosts.  Then we are disconnected, never satisfied, and we want something more. The more we are void of it, the more we need it, but to fill ourselves up, we perpetuate the cycle of greed and consumerism. As we cut ourselves off from the world of spirit, we suffer in various ways, and we will continue to see all of the changes that are happening environmentally on the face of the Earth. These changes will affect us in much more dire ways as we continue on. 
 What is the one “unfailing resource”?

You can nurture your connection to the spiritual substance from which comes all visible abundance; it is never depleted! Fight for that spiritual substance to be enlivened in you as much as you would fight for every breath you breathe in.  It is always there!  It is not affected by our not believing in it, by our not thinking about it, nor by our not standing by it. The unfailing resource is always ready to give.  There are always gifts ready to be bestowed, and there is always magic and synchronicity happening at any moment that we are ready for it.

The universe is so beautiful and so abundant. Everything you want is here for you, in whatever way you want it. I’m not talking about money in the bank and I’m not talking about personal wealth.  I’m talking about the synchronicity of the universe to provide when something is needed.

Our unfailing resource is that part of our consciousness which can comprehend the spiritual substance that brought us here to begin with and sustains us while we are here.  This is what is unfailing.  It will never let us down.  In order to realize this unfailing resource, expand out of your small self and contemplate and reflect upon the Great Mystery, the ways in which you are sustained, and the sacredness of all life; then you will feel that connection. 

The words you speak are alive. Your words are living and  create energy that follows your thought. Energy follows the thoughts you think and the words you speak.  When you say, “I don’t have enough,” you will not have enough because you said so, and it is done. Direct your living words to the Omnipresent Substance, to the substance that is everywhere for us all.  Turn the great energy of your thinking toward ideas of plenty and abundance, and you will have plenty and abundance, regardless of what others around you are saying or doing. Focus your mental energy so you are careful about what you say and how you say it, so you are creating what you intend to create, so the spiritual substance can fill you and you can feel safe in this world. 

I find it difficult or even impossible to extricate myself  from the net that we’ve created. I compost, I recycle, and still I feel so discouraged by what I send to the landfill.

Take one step at a time and do the best you can.  We’re not going to change the world tomorrow, but just being conscious and doing the best that you can matters very much.  Even thinking about how much you put in the landfill is important.

We are all separated from the miracle, especially if we don’t put forth the effort to be part of the miracle and especially if we don’t give ourselves the gift of growing our food. Even if it is growing some herbs in our kitchen window or dedicating ourselves to buying from a local farmer, it will begin to change us. We don’t all have to be farmers, but we can support the people who are growing. We can do the things that support those cycles that are good for us as well as seeing how we can reduce our waste everyday.

This morning, let us remember. Let us call upon the spirits of remembrance and upon the spirits of sustenance; let us remember the Great Sustainer is always sustaining all of us. If we want it, the spiritual substance is always there.

(February 23, 2014)
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hungry Ghosts: Why We Must Reclaim Our Original Instructions

In creation there is a certain sacred substance that enables the experience of this world to be sacred and therefore allows us to interact with our own sacred nature, our soul.  This sacred substance, which is part of creation, enables the soul to have an experience here that is sacred. If it is not sacred, it does not touch the soul. This substance is now receding from creation.  Our experiences of life, then, speak less and less to our souls.

The sacred, creative substance enables experiences in this world to be real, to be meaningful, and to be part of the evolution of the soul. This is why in traditional cultures there were the rituals of everyday life. Baking bread, weaving, praying, planting, keeping ourselves in relationship to the earth and nature and feeling the importance of this relationship — all kept this sacred, creative substance alive. This was, and is, central to all indigenous cultures, and it means that life is sacred. Because life is sacred, then the soul can have a meaningful experience, and if the soul can have a meaningful experience, it can evolve from lifetime to lifetime.

Our desecration of creation has caused us to forget the sacred. Because of our relationship to the environment and the way we treat it, this sacred, creative substance is becoming less and less accessible—it is almost lost. This can also be seen in the way people find less and less meaning in the simple things in their lives. People are more addicted to materialism and to the surface glitter of things because there is nothing deep that resonates. When the sacred, creative substance is lost or when it becomes buried so deep that the soul cannot interact with it, we become what the Tibetan Buddhists call “Hungry Ghosts.” Traditionally the “hungry ghost realm” is one of the six realms; its creatures have empty bellies, small mouths, and thin, scrawny necks. They can never get enough satisfaction. They can never fill their bellies. They’re always hungry, always empty. Our civilization’s insatiable consumerism, which cannot fulfill our real nature, has made us live as “hungry ghosts,” constantly desiring what cannot nourish us. On the very deepest level, our whole culture is moving closer to this as our souls crave the sacred nourishment they can no longer access.

 The real tragedy is that our separation from the sacred is completely unnoticed and unreported. We have distanced ourselves from the sacred in creation for so long that we don’t even know that it’s there, and we don’t even know that it’s not there! We don’t even know that it is needed to nourish our soul. It is as if we have forgotten the purpose of incarnation, the reason we are here.

The Mayans had an understanding of the spiritual dimension of time; they understood that there are moments in cosmic time that have specific meaning and that have a spiritual meaning and purpose. Our culture has forgotten that there are these deeper rhythms of life and time, and all we are left with now is a 24-hour, cable news-cycle of things that only exist on the surface. For thousands of years the purpose of different civilizations was to look after this sacred, creative substance through rituals, ceremonies, prayer, and sacred music so that the souls of people could be nurtured, they could have meaningful lives, and so that their souls could evolve. But now we are coming to the time that our collective culture has forgotten there is a sacred purpose to life and has forgotten that life has a sacred, creative substance. We no longer look after this sacred, creative, substance; in fact, we no longer even know that it needs to be looked after.

 A few do remember.  Leon Secatero was an elder of the Canoncito Band of Navajo, To'Hajiilee, located west of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Leon passed away a few years ago, but before he did, he brought forth the message to help us all remember:

All the indigenous knowings, or prophecies that have been passed down talk about a time when the five-fingered ones (human beings) would be so caught in the illusion of separation that they would forget their original instructions. This forgetting has caused terrible suffering for everyone and everything. It is very important for us to reconnect our life and our ways.

 Things are changing, and in the midst of this the most important thing is the sacred path to the next 500 years, creating that path in a sacred manner with positive thoughts and actions. We have experienced negativity on a mass scale. There is social illness; there is great pain and suffering in our world. Those kinds of negativity and social illnesses we do not need to take along this new pathway into the next 500 years. If we do, we only become sicker.

We can put everything forward that is sacred. You and I have to do it. Our children -- and the generations that are coming -- are waiting for this gift. So we are going to have to hold hands and go in one direction to give it to them.

 I see nature, the whole universe, so wisely and fully developed to bring us everything that we need for life. I am even more deeply grateful for the way things are in nature, the cosmic order. The ways we are limited, and the ways we are open. I appreciate the intelligence and purpose of the whole universe.

What is so very important in our lives now—just like water, we need it all the time—is recognition that there is sacredness in every form. When you put all that together you have a process of what I call ‘sacredization,’ a fundamental recognition of the sacredness of all things. That, I feel, is a part of our original instructions as human beings.

 This is the time that we call the Winds of Change; it’s important to stabilize our way of being, the way we think, the way we do things. We can do that by deliberately planting positive seeds of culture and relationship and sacredization, seeds that will help carry us to the next 500 years. (Chiron Communique by Stephen McFadden, April 2007)

If this sacred, creative substance becomes lost, the soul will no longer find nourishment here. The worst-case scenario is that the whole planet becomes a Hungry Ghost. Children will be born, souls will still come into the world, but they will not be able to have a meaningful experience.

This is what happens when the sacred, creative substance, or sacredization, is lost and any real purpose has gone. This is the cusp we are on at the moment—which is why it is not just an ecological crisis; it is a spiritual crisis. But the real danger of the spiritual crisis is that it is unreported and unrecognized, and we do not seem to be aware of what is really happening or its consequences. So, let us remember our original instructions—a fundamental recognition of the sacredness of all things—and dedicate ourselves to this remembrance.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Maresha's May Greeting

Dear Reader,

The spiritual substance from which comes all visible wealth is never depleted. It is with you all the time and responds to your faith in it and your demands on it. IT (the spiritual substance) is not affected by your unconscious talk of hard times or wrongly perceived lack, though WE are affected because our thoughts and words govern our outcomes and consequences. The unfailing resource is always ready to give. It has no choice in the matter; it must give, for that is its nature. Direct your living words of faith into the infinite substance, and you will be prosperous even when the banks in the world close their doors. Turn the great energy of your thinking toward ideas of plenty and abundance, and you will have plenty and abundance, regardless of what others around you are saying or doing.

Much has been coming in around our relationship with nature. Who knows, maybe the next letter will be a sequential continuance.

                                                                                                                                                                        With love,
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