Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Pivotal Practice of Witness Consciousness

Witness consciousness is available to you at all times. It is neutral and observes everything. Witness consciousness can observe how you feel physically, it can observe the quality of your emotions, and it can observe the activity of your mind. So for just a few minutes, be in witness. With your eyes closed, feel your feet on the earth, feel the weight of your body on your feet, and feel the expansion of light with the breath. And then, just observe everything else from the place of the neutral observer.


The witness consciousness is your consciousness merging with the universal consciousness of God. When you succeed in quieting yourself with the breath, when you succeed in focusing on the sound and sensation of the breath, and when you feel your energy ascend to your crown and Soul Star, you are merged with the consciousness of God.  This pivotal practice creates peace and beauty within. Without merging with this resonance, stillness, and neutral love, you are resonating in your own personality.

The pivotal practice of witness consciousness allows us to ascend and to become neutral and peaceful, and yet it still allows everything around us to be as it is. There is no suppression — of anything. From the witness consciousness, you can still feel everything you are feeling. The qualities of your thoughts are functioning, however they are functioning. You are not trying to achieve the appearance of a spiritual or holy person through practicing the witness consciousness. Witness consciousness is an inner practice, and if you do it, you are revealing you, to yourself.

The benefit of the witness consciousness is that it brings you into God’s vibration so that in the midst of all the disturbances of this plane—the constant pulling back and forth—you find the neutral balancing point. Merging with this harmony stabilizes you. And when you are stable, you affect others and everything around you in a positive way. When you stabilize yourself, through the practice of the breath, meditation, and witness consciousness, the effect of that helps everything  in an unseen, vibrational, but very powerful way. 

 You must first cultivate a desire to control yourself because everyone, unconsciously, indulges in their thoughts and emotions. Everyone wants to engage in justification, questioning, judging, anger, frustration, and constant conversation.  All manifestations of being a human being will remain.  You do not want to suppress or repress anything. Strive to learn how to mature and expand your consciousness so that you can resonate with the resonance of God and realize beauty and peace. Then, you can stabilize yourself, and when you do so, you can affect the whole in a positive way.

For this to happen, the seed willingness to control yourself (to mature your emotional body) must be nurtured and grown inside of you. If you see that you are getting “crazy” about something, it then becomes your responsibility to ground and stabilize that energy through the breath, through the resonance of the still point, and through witness consciousness. Witness consciousness can help you see, neutrally. When you cannot become neutral, then you are in one pole or another. I am right, they are wrong, they are good, they are bad, I am not good enough, they are better than me, I agree, I disagree, etc. Veering from pole to pole can never change until you can sustain neutrality within. In the neutral consciousness of God, there is perfect equality of everything and of everyone.

Let the seed willingness inside of you bring you to this place over and over and over again. If you are a mature spiritual practitioner, you will not judge yourself for what you see because that destroys your practice. If you observe yourself and you say, “Wow, I said something really bad to that person,” or “Gee, I’m feeling greedy about this,” or, “Boy, I’m such a bad person,” you cannot know peace and beauty in that place. Peace and beauty are void of judgment. Your observation is not to be used against you; it is to be used in neutral, unconditional love to merge yourself with the holy resonance.

Do you want to realize peace and beauty?  Because if you do, it is there. Thou art that.  It is within you, it has always been there, and it will always be there. 

So when I observe that I’m having an unkind thought, or that I’m angry, or whatever, when do I use the tools to burn it?

Right then. That is the tool.

Just noticing it?

Yes, noticing it first, then consciously breathing into it with long, deep breaths, to stabilize the neutral witness.  You notice it, you observe it, and you are neutral. It arises, it is, it dissolves. That is the practice of the witness. It arises – okay, you are upset, you are feeling it, but you are practicing witness consciousness, so you are breathing, your energy is ascending, and it is neutral; there is no judgment. The energy of your thoughts and emotions can release like a wave; the wave comes in and then the wave goes out. It is not a complex head process. The breath is the fire. The breath is doing all the work, and you are sitting in the fire.  That is what to do; sit there, and breathe, breathe, breathe, and be in witness consciousness.  It is not an intellectual process of figuring things out.

But what if it’s a karmic pattern that keeps coming back, one that I don’t seem to be able to neutralize? Do I stay with it?

Yes, over and over and over again, whenever the pattern comes up. That is the practice of engaging the witness consciousness in meditation. 

Is there a difference between meeting ourselves in meditation, as opposed to meeting ourselves out in the “real world”?

No, it is all the same. It is like yoga. There is on the mat, and there is off the mat. We go on the mat to learn how to do postures and to breathe consciously into what is tight and rigid in our bodies (of course, the tightness in the body correlates with the rigidity of the mind). On the mat we strive to soften and open. The purpose is to integrate what you have learned on the mat, with the body, and to translate it to when you are off the mat. Yoga is about your internal consciousness everywhere. Likewise, if you are sitting in meditation and a fear arises, or if you are driving down the road and a fear arises, what you do about it is the same. You breathe and open.

Transformation does not depend upon being in a particular posture, although postures can initially be the gateway for realizing deeper states of awareness. However, the witness consciousness is not like a pose in yoga. Witness consciousness is the consciousness of God. It is the part of us that is connected to the Divine. That is beyond words. What is my relationship with God?  Everybody has to find his or her way there; no one else can do that for you. 

(August 24, 2014)

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Greeting from Maresha

                  January-February 2015

Dear Reader,

     This is the beautiful season of deep peace, calling forth the return of the light, enjoying stillness and giving and receiving.
     All that we are is perfect.
     All that we need has already been given.
    Every moment is a time to observe from the beautiful vantage point of consciousness - the place where we merge in communion with the resonance of God/ess – the pure witness within.
     Every moment is a time to let go, let go, let go and realize the gift has already been given and the blessing has already been bestowed.

With Blessings and Love,