Sunday, June 26, 2016


Commitments are important because without them we have no spiritual structure. Making a commitment helps you to hold yourself to your higher Self, to the part of you that knows you are part of something much greater than yourself. There is a place within you that naturally wants to find the key that will unlock the gateway that your Soul is always striving and searching for within. It is the quest, the golden key, the golden door, the Holy Grail—it is all of those places.

The divine light that we always talk about is real. But what does it take to keep the commitment, to pass the test, to go over the threshold, and to go to the next step? We in the Western world are very familiar with how to progress on the level of outer achievement. We like to do something that gives us some sense of accomplishment because other people will acknowledge it and make us feel like we’re okay or that we’re smart. But that outer level is often detrimental to our progress as a Soul. The Soul does not get any accolades. The Soul achieves degrees, but they are inner degrees. They are not the outer degrees that you can hang on the wall; they are known only to you.

When was the last time you made a commitment and what was the nature of that commitment? At the Sanctuary we used make a commitment once a year that was called Credo a Templum. We thought about it very deeply, asking ourselves, Where am I going, what is my Soul wanting, and how do I follow my Soul’s desire for a year? Everyone found places within themselves that they wanted to nurture, shore up, and bring forward. The Credo a Templum was a promise to your inner temple. It was not something that you did for someone else; it was done to hold yourself to an inner commitment.

When we talk about commitments, we are talking about fulfilling the primary contract that you made as a Soul and that brought you into this dimension. Everything you think, do, and say has an effect. You have the power to give your energy to those things that matter in a beautiful way. As a conscious human being, you should be meticulous with yourself and your commitments. The purpose is not to have an arduous task to fulfill; the purpose is to enable you to drink the divine nectar. The nectar is there; all the powers of love and beauty are all around us, all of the time.

Those powers are all within you, but you have to take the golden key and unlock the door to your own heart in order to realize them and become a fulfilled soul. When you do that, you are able to anchor the light in a soulful, healthy way so that the container of your life has enough vibrancy and light to be shared. What is your inner experience? Do you have a reservoir of light to sustain you when you need it?  And when you are feeling full of that light, can you remember then to emanate that light and bring it out?