Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Put Some Fire in Your Prayers

Recently we have been talking about what happens in the karmic cycle. You all know what that feels like because it keeps coming around, and you know it to be yourself. The cycle continues until we say, “Enough,” or until we say, “There must be a better way; I’m going to look around and try something else—to pray, to meditate, or to be more peaceful.” It is possible to do this. But you all know that in order to do this, it takes some momentum. You have to build up some momentum inside of yourself in order to be able to break the wall of yourself because that’s the only wall that needs to be penetrated. The wall of yourself is inside of you with all the places that have become habitual, rote, and unconscious; they are the places that are comfortable, knowable, and reliable.
You have to build up some momentum in order to be able to go to a new level, to bring in a new consciousness, and to be able to realize yourself in a different way.  The seat inside of consciousness, inside of us, that will always bring us closer to being able to break the swing of the poles of duality, is seated in the third eye.  It is the seat of consciousness in our vibrational human constitution and our energy body that has the potential to bring us into oneness.  This seat can take us out of doubt, out of questioning, and out of any of the energies or qualities of  duality: good, bad, yes, no, why, why not—all of the spinning and all of the back and forth.
When you can bring yourself to that place, that’s when the potential exists for you to build up the momentum in your practice to be able to transcend the wall or the barrier of yourself so that you can see with your third eye. That’s why we close the eyes and go within, so that we can access our third eye which can see through the eyes of God. It sees oneness, it sees peace, it sees all of the qualities that are of the mind of God.  
If you want to dissolve your karma, you must dissolve your position, whatever that position is, because your position is either “one” or the “other.”  So as you dissolve your position, you give it over to your higher self, the part of you that knows oneness, the part of you that calls you there and can bring you to the consciousness of God.  But you have to build up momentum; you have to be able to bring yourself into a frequency frequently enough to transcend the duality that you get stuck in, that place where we just keep recycling over and over again. You must engage your will with the divine will. Your personal will has to get married to the will of the Goddess, to the will of God. When you do that, you’ll be cooking. You’ll create the momentum that you need, and you’ll succeed in bringing in that which you truly want, that new awareness. 
Praying is another way because your prayers come from your heart. When you close your eyes and you pray and other people pray, our hearts open and we realize how similar we all are, how simple we all are, and how we really want the same things.  Praying helps us to build the momentum we need to overcome fear and doubt and frustration, and the lack of forgiveness that we have for ourselves and for others.  
So return frequently to the resonance of the stillpoint. It’s so simple! You just close your eyes, you sit down, you relax the body, and you breathe. You just begin to breathe the breath. And from that point, you can continue with the breath, you can chant a holy name, you can chant a mantra that you’ve been given, you can do anything that keeps your mind focused on the resonance of the stillpoint, focused on God. And when you are most challenged, when you feel really stuck, you have to pray harder.  You have to put some fire in your prayers, and you really need to deeply connect with yourself, or maybe you need to spend more time in meditation, or maybe you need to build that fire outside and sing and stamp your prayers into the earth as you’re praying.  You need to do whatever it is that you need to do.  
Your prayers are so needed. I’ve never seen such laziness in the mass consciousness, and the laziness is the result of fear. The levels of fear are higher than they’ve ever been, and I think that the fear paralyzes people and creates a kind of lazy complacency. So your prayers are needed—your prayers for yourself and your prayers for others. I really do believe, that despite what we see and despite what it looks like, anything is possible, anything is possible, and I choose to believe that fully and wholeheartedly. And whatever you need to demonstrate that to yourself—come on over and walk on fire!—demonstrate it to yourself so that you break the wall of yourself.  Find your prayer in your heart and breathe into it so that it’s a living fire and flame, so that it has some action and some passion to create the momentum that you need. 
As you create the momentum, you bring everybody else with you because that’s how it works. Those people who are around you will catch your slip stream; they’ll catch your slip stream, and they’ll be healed by it without anybody knowing anything. It just happens, and you know it when it happens. You see it in all of the many ways that you all touch people in your lives. So go into the resonance of the still point, go into the one eye that is unified and bring yourself there frequently so that you can build up the momentum that you need to break the wall of yourself. And do not be afraid to do this over and over again because it is the nature of the soul, it is the nature of the soul work to meet ourselves there, all of the time. 

(March 2007)

  Follow the Fire

The soul does the work. Cape Breton was such a powerful, powerful sequence in time. The temples were there waiting in the etheric, and they took me and they used me, and all I had to do was to follow the fire. That’s all I had to do. I didn’t have to worry about anything else; I had a personality that was under control enough to fulfill the worldly prerequisites like attracting the money, coordinating the building, finding the pieces of land, designing, and then building. For the purpose of light. Only for that. 
You have all had times in your lives when your soul was driving; your soul was in the driver’s seat. You allowed it to take over, and you allowed it to take you somewhere.  You remember it, and you know it. You can return there.

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(June 2015)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

When to and When Not to

I think that part of my blueprint is having the thought that I have to scramble as much as I can in this life to become better.

 I can hear Gurudev saying, There’s no place to go, there’s nothing to do, and it takes everything you’ve got.  So there is no scramble; there’s no place to go, and there’s nothing to do.  But there is a scramble that takes everything you’ve got.  Both are true; it’s one of those paradoxes.  And if you go into either pole and polarize there, then you’ll be getting stuck.
It’s intuitive. You have to know when to scramble and when not to scramble. You have to know when to step up and when to step back, you have to know when to speak out and when to be silent. So when you listen and you’re told that it’s time to work, you have to get to work.  And when it’s time to go into the process of digestion and integration, you go into integration, and when it’s time to go down and keep a really low profile and get lots of rest, that’s what you do.  So it’s all of those at various times, and we are divinely guided in that place.              
 (May 2007)

Maresha's next blog will be published Tuesday, August 18, 2015.
Messages of Light is published by the Sanctuary of Universal Light on Snow Dragon Mountain in Meredith, New Hampshire. A snail mail edition is available bi-monthly, free of charge. www.snowdragonsanctuary.com