Thursday, December 22, 2016

Unmasking the True Self

One of the cornerstones of conscious awareness is Swadhyaya. Swadhyaya is self-observation and self-inquiry. We enter into this awareness through the vehicle of witness consciousness. Witness consciousness is a systematic way of disassociating from our self-image. The self-image is an entity that obscures our true Self. As the clouds move away, the light of the sun is revealed. When the mask of the self-image is removed, the light of the Self shines through.

The central focus of conscious awareness is meditative awareness, which is the most powerful tool you have to loosen the grip of the self-image as “me.” To be released from the unconsciousness that separates you from the True Self, you must step back from the distortions and filters imposed by the self-image. The most direct way to accomplish this is through Swadhyaya—self-observation and self-inquiry, using the vehicle of the inner witness. The witness creates an opening for you to let go of past conditioning and everything else holding you back.

In witness you are unbiased, clear, and objective. This helps to resolve problems and resolve conflicts. Impersonal reality is the source of all solutions. As you grow in witness, your biases grow weaker and your ability to tolerate reality grows stronger.

Swadhyaya is non-judgmental self-observation through the witness. As the witness starves the self-image, the Higher Self begins to reveal itself. Conscious awareness is a process of unmasking the Self. It is a journey of Self-discovery and Self-realization.