Sunday, February 19, 2017

I Will Walk in Your Truth

Whether you are new to meditation and are just beginning to explore your inner, spiritual nature, or you are a seasoned spiritual practitioner, the biggest challenge to you is the same. In order for you to succeed in finding the peaceful path which lies within your soul, you must learn to focus your consciousness and to coalesce the energies into positive thought and concentration of energy.

It is almost easier to do this as a beginner. When you begin something new, there is an eagerness and enthusiasm that holds all possibility and so acts as a buoy to the practices. When one has been practicing for a longer time, the relentless challenges of growth can test and try the soul. Either way, the challenge to uphold light and remain positive in the face of trials is the real test.

Test me, O Lord, and try me; examine my heart and my mind. For your mercy is before my eyes so I will walk in your truth (Psalm 26:2-3). 

One-pointed consciousness is imperative on the path. You have always to remember, in every single moment, that you have a choice.  As you are tested and tried, you must repeatedly choose between love and fear. Love contains an unbounded, positive energy that sustains an uplifting current that affects all people and things in a positive way. But our vision is so narrow and our self-importance is so needy that our recognition of this truth is almost non-existent. You must expand your vision to the larger picture and release the constraints of self-importance so you can expand the boundaries of love in your life. Know that each test and trial holds within it the power to transform fear into love. Know that the path lies before us; our teachers and elders walk before us so it is easy for us to find our way: I will walk in your truth.

As the ability to stay focused in positive energy matures, it unfolds into deep gratitude. The positive energy begins to directly permeate and influence how you perceive everything. Positivism, or openness, perceives refined levels of awareness. The awareness of the present moment allows your being to be penetrated by the higher emotions of beauty, acceptance, depth of feeling, and gratitude for life. Even the most difficult challenges are understood to be the trying and the testing of the soul, and are perceived to be so because of the positive container in which they are held.

Attune daily to the breath in meditation. As you breathe, align with the neutral witness so the energies are  neither  expressed nor repressed. Hold nothing. Allow your body and your consciousness to be soft and fluid. Find a simple prayer or mantra to also use when you are engaging in daily activities. In these simple ways, you train your mind and emotions to coalesce the energies into positive thought and concentration of energy.

This positive stream of consciousness is the very nature of love.