Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Remembering in Times of Change

At this time a week ago, a huge storm was taking shape and moving in our direction. This storm had all the markings of a tropical storm. Unlike a Nor’easter that blows in and blows out, this storm was a huge spiral of energy that stalled over the East and was spinning for days and days. The weather deities are different now; there are different energy fields and different energy forces. These storms are much larger in magnitude and power. There were many repercussions from the storm; people lost their homes or had serious damage. Again we ended up in a state of emergency; that’s now becoming the norm.

When a huge vortex of energy like this gets created, the psychic energy in the collective gets reflected back to us. There’s no place for release while this pressure system is sitting on us. So when this happens, as it will be happening in these times of change, what you do beforehand, during and after, while people are still adjusting to everything that has happened, is to become really grounded and still. 

In addition to the storm, another mass shooting happened this week.  We must pray for the students, not just the students who were killed or the perpetrator who was so troubled, but for all of the young people who are at that really tender age of late teens and early twenties, trying to find out what they’re doing here and living in a world that seems really crazy. They have a charge and a purpose, and we want to pray that they stay connected to their purpose so that they can go forward under the circumstances that they are given to live with. It’s a very difficult age, and these young people really have to suffer under great chaos—great, great chaos—such as we’ve never seen before.

What happened to you during this time?  If you became aggressive, if you became fearful, if you became confused and ungrounded, you were responding to that energy. When the collective starts to vibrate because of fear, it’s very important for you to remember what the charge is. The charge is to find the center that you are and to hold that center, to hold the place that is the Absolute, and all that is connected to the Absolute. 

I felt wild and confused. I had to leave my home because the road was disintegrating and becoming impassable. Then I heard about the shooting. In the midst of all this, I was having to attend to multiple details on my job. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt that kind of wildness in my mind before. 

What you’re talking about is trying to maintain and control a set schedule, a predetermined way of having things ordered, when there is no order. These are the times, the winds of change. You cannot do things the same way. You had certain responsibilities that were lined up in front of you in the midst of this really weird, chaotic, destructive time, and you were also trying to bring your consciousness to tend to life as usual. That is going to be harder and harder to do. We are not going to shirk any responsibilities, but there will be times when we need to flow into a different pattern so that we can be supported by guidance and not miss guidance by overriding our inner knowing with a set idea of how we think things should look and should go.  

So I could have gone over my road and heard about the shooting, and I undoubtedly would have felt some spin of that chaotic energy, but I probably could have gotten out of it faster than I did.

You just very clearly nailed it, and the heart of it is right there—whether we go into the spin or whether we ground the spin, no matter where we are; whether we’re guided to be at work or whether we have to shift to another place because we’re guided to have to change the schedule.  It’s how we work with the energy.

I had a very different experience with the storm. At no point did I feel like we were in a crisis. I remember reassuring my partner, “We’re going to be fine.”

It’s good to be able to say something like, “We have candles, extra water, and the wood is in the shed.” But there was a crisis happening, and when there is a crisis happening, we want to be able to ground the energy by remaining calm in the center and not adding to the crisis by feeding our fears and going into the spin. We might not have been in physical threat, but we were in psychic threat; the whole world is in psychic threat, and the whole world is in a certain level of chaos. If something is happening over here in the world that we do not know about, it will still register in us here if it’s destructive and violent because we’re all connected.

These are changing times, this is the cycle of where we are in the history of humanity, and we are going to be undergoing these kinds of changes. We are undergoing these kinds of changes, and we will continue to do so gracefully with the resonance of light, with the color of light, and with strength and courage. We know what to do when the going gets tough anywhere around us. Anywhere, and for anyone, we know what to do. We go into the resonance, and we send  light; we fill ourselves with it, and we send it out. We dwell in that place, and you can be anywhere and you can be doing anything that you need to be doing, in order to do that. If there’s one word to take away from today, it’s “Remember.”

Remember to consciously breathe in and out, often and deeply with the Golden Circle breath, and remember to align yourself and your heartbeat with the resonance of the Stillpoint. Remember to do this through prayers, conscious breathing, meditations, and chants and songs. Also, remember we can work relentlessly and effortlessly at the same time to bestow this gift to the children and to the plants and to the animals and to the Earth Mother, and we can do so with simplicity and humility. Remember, in times that are changing, to be flexible and beautiful.
(April 22, 2007)

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Winds of Change

In recent months, a message for all humanity was communicated to an elder of the Navajo tribe, Leon Secatero.* This message came from the Council of Windwalkers. In the Navajo tradition, the Windwalkers are “those who are with spirit.” The Windwalkers called the times we are living in, the “winds of change.” They told Leon that in order to pull through these times collectively and to sustain life on earth as we know it, we must uphold positive thought forms and the frequency of light.

This is the work. This is our spiritual work. You must learn to arrive at the place of the Absolute within yourself, within your consciousness, no matter what is happening outside, in order to sustain a degree of light.

It’s all about light, and it’s all about the frequency of the positive energy that you need to be able to hold. You can be sick and still be holding positive energy. You can be going through a crisis and still be holding positive energy. Or, everything can be really “hunky dory,” and you can be going down the tubes in a spiral of negativity. You know the difference. You know when you’re “here,” and you know when you’re over “there.” If “there” is the negative pole, you also know—because you’ve been given the tools—how to get over “here.”


Leon called the charge that we were given by the Windwalkers, sacredization. The positive energy that we hold is to understand in our knowingness that all of life is sacred. We live in a sacred dimension—everything we touch, everyone we meet, everything we do, all the resources that we are given, are sacred.

This time was predicted for so long, through so many pathways, and the prophecy was this: There will come a time when human beings will become so profane and will be so disconnected from what is sacred that there will be great suffering and violence and shifting. We are in it now, and the cycle is not going to change in our lifetime. It doesn’t matter how intense things get; it’s the same charge, the same action, and the same consciousness that we apply.

Sacredization means, first of all, that we have to do it together; the effort has to be a collective effort. We do it together by arriving at the resonance of the stillpoint when we pray, meditate and practice sacred movement. When we go to those places together, we create the resonance. That resonance carries the light and carries the pattern of healing. So we need to pray together more, chant and sing together more, meditate more, and we need to remember together, how to be sacred all of the time, because right now everybody has forgotten.  

The work is right now; we don’t have to wait for anything. It’s about internally refusing any adversarial patterns that we hold that are not of light. The things that we choose to do and to amplify are what we are already doing—meditating, chanting, praying, serving, giving thanks, and coming together to sustain and remember all that we have been given.

We Were Given Instructions
Steven McFadden, who interviewed Leon Secatero, wrote the following to me: The Windwalkers told him there’s only one way to have the power to influence the future, and that is to focus on and hold positive thoughts which hold positive energy. This positive energy creates color and light. This has the power to influence humanity, plants, animals, and the elements to get us through these times of strong change. They told him that these times of change mark the times the human beings would be so caught in the illusion of separation that they would forget their original instructions. 

We were all given instructions! Those instructions are that sense inside of yourself that has always called you forward. This terrible forgetting would cause terrible suffering for everyone. We must reconnect with the consciousness that this life and everything is sacred. The children and all beings of the planet are waiting for this gift of positive, sacred energy. We must come together in a sustained way and hold and stay in the constant act of sacredization. This is holding the Absolute at all times, in all places, and under all circumstances.

These winds will be blowing throughout the course of our lives; we must stabilize our beings and cleanse ourselves. How we do this, will determine whether or not we will bestow the gift of positive, healing consciousness to this dimension. You must keep cleansing yourselves. You cannot arrive at a place and think that you can stay there. In these times and under these circumstances, the input on us is so great, the information and the energies that are coming in are so strong, powerful, and negative, that unless we undergo cleansing and purification through meditation, prayer, and through coming together to stabilize and remember, and unless we stay in a state of cleansing and are committed to this practice, we will get lost in the negative pull.
The Practices

The practice is ongoing. The practice is what will sustain that light. Consciously bring yourself to the Resonance you know through the frequency of your practices, going there and then going out into the day, and then coming back and going there again. In the morning, before you put your feet on the floor, give thanks for your life and ask how you can help and be used in a good way for the day. When you come home and you’re tired and you’ve been beaten about a bit, remember through your sacred consciousness what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, so you can sustain the energies. You do this not only so that you can sustain the energies, but so that the consciousness of all of the children, all of the people, all of the plants and animals, and all of the beings in the earth can continue.

The cleansing process is our commitment to staying pure. We need to keep ourselves pure, pure in terms of pure light. We become the word of God: We see with Her eyes, we work with His hands. This morning I said to you, “Thank you, you could have been anywhere else, but you’re here.” I understand the options that you’re faced with—going away for the weekend, sleeping late, going unconscious, partying on Saturday night. Somewhere, though, the power that you really want to nourish is the power to be sacred, to live a sacred life, and to bring yourselves there as much as you can. We can say that all that other stuff is adversarial energy, and it is, but I know my strength, and I know my power, and I know who’s stronger. I know what my power is, and I choose to feed my power. You can choose to feed your power, too. It’s not hard. It’s just a choice you make—where you put your energy, and how you hold your power. 

Let us make our prayers for the next seven generations because if we don’t, the light will not be strong enough. The knowingness is here for everyone, even if some choose to look the other way, and in order to fulfill this, we are going to have to come together. I give great thanks that we’re together now. I give great thanks for that—to be able to pray and to look and to remember what to do and how to do it. So the message came through, but it’s the same message, and I must impress upon you that the only power that’s going to change these things  we are facing and we are going to be facing, is the internal consciousness you hold to choose that light above all else at all times.

* See Hungry Ghosts: Why We Must Reclaim Our Original Instructions. Messages of Light, May 2014.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Keeping Faith With the Earth

Why does faith seem to be so shaken right now?

There is a balance in nature, but when we interfere with that balance, there are repercussions. That is why faith is so shaken right now. We have lost our connection to the natural world, and we have lost our faith with the earth. We have not kept our faith with the earth because of our greed. We have been shoving everything in to our open mouths, just for our own pleasure without reflection on the consequences. In doing so, we have lost our balance. Collectively, humanity is in the state of falling as a result of having lost our balance. 

When you say we haven’t seen anything yet, that is the place that scares me.  

Our faith will help us make our link to courage, acceptance, and the ability to face the scary challenges that are happening. Find the place inside of you that wants to be a source of stability and help, and really focus there. You do not have to focus far off down the road because this day will show you where to focus, and tomorrow will show you where to focus. Just do it day by day and moment by moment.

When we were on retreat, we reflected on how we were going to live more lightly on the earth. We each agreed to do three things that were fairly reasonable but would still have a positive impact. Do not try to hold the whole world up with  your own hands, by yourself, because you can’t. Do some simple things that help in a consistent way, and that’s what you do.  There is a definite heaviness to where we are, and the collective weight of the cosmic soul is burdened right now. I do not deny that, but if you want to feel lighter instead of heavier, make you own soul light as a blue feather. Go into the place where lightness lives inside of you, and express it in good ways. Then, it helps everybody else who is living with heaviness in his or her soul. That is the way to do it—by not adding to the heaviness of the collective soul.

If we have faith, and if we help in small but significant ways, then we are lifting up all the collective weight, the collective gravity, and the collective heaviness. This is what I know. When the storm comes, I want to be one of the people who helps other people. I do not want to be someone who panics.  I’m going to make a commitment to hold the light and be helpful.

Whenever you feel fear come up, instead of going into that fear, just ask yourself, “How can I help?” That’s all. Undoubtedly you will have moments of reflection that are stressful, but when they come, lead yourself to the place inside of your own being that will help you to be grounded and helpful at that time.

We each take responsibility by knowing in our own hearts who we are, by knowing what we know, and by doing what we can do. That is where we go; that is always the point of power. I know that everyone here is a kind and considerate person, so extend that out in the many ways that you can and be a source of help. Do what you can to keep the faith with your own heart and with the earth and with the great cycle of life.

(April 15, 2007)

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Greeting

June 2014
Dear Reader,

The teachings in this month’s letter came through over seven years ago. They feel prophetic and timely as we hear about and face the events that fill the news everyday: fires, droughts, floods, ice storms, and more. These events are beginning to change what we do and how we do it, and they will do so even more in the coming days and years. In just the last few weeks, new reports* have confirmed that we are in the throes of climate change, it’s going to get worse, and the earth is undergoing changes that are dire and unstoppable.

The crisis that we face is not an environmental one, but a spiritual one. The desecration of the natural environment has come about because we have forgotten that we live in a sacred dimension, that all is sacred. As Maresha said in last month’s Messages, “The real tragedy is that our separation from the sacred is completely unnoticed and unreported.” We continue to put our greed and self-aggrandizement ahead of the earth, and we fail to teach our children, “The place whereon thou standest is Holy ground.” The consequences of our forgetting cannot easily be undone. As individuals on a spiritual path in these changing times, we must uphold the Absolute by being kind and doing no harm, and by keeping faith with our own hearts and with the earth. 

                                                                                                                                           love, Janah

* The NASA/UC-Irvine study of the Antarctic ice sheets, the UN report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and the National Climate Assessment.

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Messages of Light is published by the Sanctuary of Universal Light on Snow Dragon Mountain in Meredith, New Hampshire. www.snowdragonsanctuary.com.