Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thy Will Be Done: Being Guided into the Flow

I get really afraid in my head with “right, wrong, should, shouldn’t.” And I’m so afraid of losing myself.

Fearlessness knows that there is nothing to hang on to, anywhere. There is only following the flow and the path of love. That is all there is. Through our intuition, the part of ourselves that is God, we are guided in the flow in a very intuitive way, and we can make decisions when we need to; we can shift on a dime, if need be. 

Losing oneself can feel very scary. Yesterday was Saturday, and things were a bit more laid back around here. We all got up, and after a while my mother was washed and dressed, my husband was up and showered and dressed, the dogs were fed and walked, and I looked like a little ratty person in my nightclothes. I was not done yet because I had been helping everyone else. If I had been able to be really open, I would have been happy about it. But part of me got the best of me, and I said to my husband, “Well, welcome to my world.” I said that because I saw that everybody else was done, and they were all set, doing their thing.

That was an example of a limiting thought that I had in that moment. If I had not limited myself, I would have just said, “Here’s my blessing, my great blessing. I said I would in life, and I do, and I will.” When we are surrendered, we do lose ourselves. We do. It is either Thy will be done or it is My will be done. And My will be done gets lost if we surrender to Thy will. It is classic; it is the crucifixion, the death of the ego.

Living a Conscious Life

I’ve been thinking about Lent and what Jesus the Christ must have been dealing with and going through in those forty days in the desert. 

Yes—and the Buddha under the Bodhi tree! That is where they both—Christ in the desert and Buddha under the Bodhi tree—met all their demons. What are your demons?  Your demons are your fears! And you do not even know what your unconscious fears are until you sit still. Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree and did not move so he could meet himself.  Christ went into the desert without food and water.  When it is just between you and God, the real stuff – the unconscious - gets revealed.  At those times, your unconsciousness and your unconscious motivators can reveal themselves to you.

It is possible to go through life unconsciously and still live a wonderful life. Most people live unconsciously. What does it mean to live unconsciously?  It means that you make a plan and do your best to follow it. That is how we all start out, and that is what most people revert to.

So what is a conscious life? What does it mean to live consciously? In a conscious life,  you  open the door of your heart to the energy, resonance and  light from which it came, in order to be guided and loved in a way that is far beyond your wildest dreams, beyond what you could ever imagine or manipulate or make up for yourself. That is where all the magic happens because it is not you, in your small self, trying to make it all happen. It is you merging with the God Self from which you came, feeling that, and then allowing yourself to be guided into that flow.  

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Staying Beautiful in this World

I’ve been noticing how often I’m critical. Sometimes I feel a need to speak up and say something, and then there are other times when I say something and think afterward, “That wasn’t necessary.”

Breathe before you speak. Take a moment so you do not go into rote reaction.  You have the power to easily transcend those criticisms that arise in your consciousness with your conscious intention. What you do with those criticisms in your consciousness means everything. First of all, do not judge yourself because you had a critical thought; we are strong enough to see our weak points, and then we are strong enough to shore them up and give ourselves beauty. 

So let’s say a critical feeling and thought comes to you. Breathe. Take a moment and stay soft, even though the energy is pressing in on you, wanting to come out and be sharp and mean. Just do not do anything other than to breathe in and out.  If you breathe with it, it will subside. A little bit later, when the knife is back in the sheath and the edge is not there, then say what you need to say. Then you will be able to say it without being critical or cutting and sharp. This is the practice of tapas. The space in between the reactions is what we are striving to lengthen and open so that even when these reactions are there, our response to the reaction changes so  we maintain balance and give ourselves the opportunity to do no harm.

Just yesterday something came up as my husband Neziah and I were running errands. It was not a very big thing, but I wanted to blurt it out; then I stopped because I recognized that energy and its charge. Right away I knew I had to breathe for a moment and bring my energies back down into that space of openness in my heart. If we speak out of frustration, that causes harm, a fight for sure. So I just gave myself a few minutes to breathe and be on the ride. That little bit of space opened up my heart just enough to have compassion for Neziah and me and to know how much we need and deserve love and softness. You see, the light is like air, the light is like fresh air; the light is like a cool drink when you are thirsty, the light is like the best, nourishing bite of something delicious when you are hungry; we need it so much. It is not at all hard to do, and life gives us this perpetual opportunity to work with it almost constantly.

Every time you create the short, in-between times in life, you are creating space and balance, and you are opening your heart and becoming fearless. You are awakening and becoming enlightened. You are giving yourself what you hunger and thirst for above all else, whether you know it or not. You do not have to have any special knowledge, you do not have to have this lingo or language, and you do not have to have any “spiritual consciousness” to know when your heart is open as opposed to when your heart is closed. 

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Messages of Light is published by the Sanctuary of Universal Light on Snow Dragon Mountain in Meredith, New Hampshire. A snail mail edition is available bi-monthly, free of charge. www.snowdragonsanctuary.com