Thursday, August 24, 2017

Maresha Publishes New Book!


          The discourses in this book interpret the sacred mysteries and esoteric principles of spiritual understanding. Maresha provides the tools to deal with the difficulties that obstruct the flow of love. The chapters are a selection of talks distilled from discourses delivered by Maresha to students who came to be in sanctuary. The book also explores the themes of personal practice in consciousness and how one can find the keys to inner peace.
             Composed in a state of meditative awareness and with lucid clarity, Maresha explores the intersection of what is universally sacred and how to find within oneself this wellspring of love and peace. This book is designed to help the reader successfully reveal the peace that dwells within one’s own heart. This body of teaching transcends religion by extracting the essential, wisdom teachings that are the foundational guide to the power of personal transformation.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Nothing Can Bind You, But You

Spiritual conversations often focus on ways to stay connected to divine consciousness and how to open our hearts by giving and lending a helping hand. The same hand that extends outward to be kind, thoughtful, and loving has another side. That other side is the inner place, the consciousness that nothing, no-thing, binds you, except you yourself.

The Buddhists call this consciousness, practicing the dharma. I call it being on the path of love and practicing. As you reflect upon the places that you struggle against that feel like boundaries, understand that those boundaries are not real. This understanding is liberation. If nothing outside of me binds me, and I know this and hold this consciousness at all times, in all places, and under all circumstances, then I am liberated. I am empowered all of the time to do the practice, to do the work, and to bring myself to a place of acceptance, understanding, and non-suffering.

All of the situations that seem to bind you are cosmic set-ups created by you and for you so that you may gain understanding and be able to know that these set-ups are not real. The outer adversaries that you think you are dueling with are not real. You are really dueling with your own consciousness, your own heart, and your own mind. There are no exceptions.

Take just a moment and think of some place that feels like a struggle; it could be another person, something at work, some karma with someone you love, or even an obsession with a thought-form. Whatever it is, it cannot bind you because the universal laws that govern your being are infinite and vast, far beyond the limiting concepts and beliefs of the profane world. 

Freedom is a matter of consciousness, not a matter of outer circumstance. You could be in jail and still be free. You could be living a life that seemingly has everything, and still be bound and in jail. There is nothing that can bind you, except you yourself.

If you know this intellectually but do not apply it, then you are thinking about the practice, but you are not practicing. You are still giving power to the places you feel bound by. So when you are practicing, go right to the place of, Wait a minute, this is not about anything or anyone else. This is about me! Then the conversations that you have with the other person or situation, stop. The justifications and the ways that we position ourselves against the other, stop.  Then we are practicing.

Some years ago, we were delivering a statue of Kwan Yin to the Sanctuary on Cape Breton. She was wrapped in cardboard fastened with metal straps. As we drove up the highway, she would fling off one strap and then, a little while later, she would fling off another.  She was flinging them off all the way up the highway, one by one, and by the time we got to Cape Breton, the cardboard was in tatters.

There is great freedom in knowing that if we bind ourselves, we can unbind ourselves. Remember Kwan Yin, and do the work that will unbind you, step by step. Be willing to meet what you feel when you feel it and know that it is all about you. That is the practice. When you have had enough—when you have really had enough--it will be done. When you yearn for non-binding love and that feeling of liberation above all else, you will let go.