Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Anchored, Centered Empowerment

The purpose of being on a spiritual path is to be in conscious relationship with the soul and therefore, in union with the Divine.  In order for the union to take place successfully, one practices self-reflection and self-observation without judgment. This is witness consciousness.

The witness is the only place in you that can look at you and observe all that you are. From the witness, the full spectrum of all the poles — comfortable/uncomfortable, angry/patient, positive/negative — can be observed without judging whether they are right or wrong, good or bad. Witness consciousness embodies the Absolute.

As you practice witness consciousness within yourself, for yourself, you can then begin to practice as you look outside of yourself, toward others. This is the basis for conscious relationship. You can either be a compassionate mirror for others, or receive a mirror for yourself. You can stay in a neutral, loving, and compassionate place as you give or receive.

As you practice this internal yoga, or discipline, transformation is taking place. It is possible to see something about yourself and remain in non-judgment. By observing what is limiting you, you can let it go. This   transforms the limitation of the ego to the evolution of the soul. If you enter into judgments such as: “I’m not good enough,” “I should know better by now,” or “I’m not able to do that yet,” you block the possibility of seeing how you are limiting yourself. But if you are in witness, without judgment, you can see how you limit yourself and stay neutral. Over time, limitations are revealed and dissolved.

The path of transformation is to tread one step at a time as you witness and release whatever keeps you from union with your own soul. First, practice within yourself and make progress by bringing the witness to all situations with all people. When a challenging situation occurs between you and someone else, it is a divine set-up: an opportunity orchestrated for the possibility of your spiritual transformation. These set-ups come when least expected, when you feel most vulnerable. Under these circumstances you are greatly tested. It is easy to let go when it feels like not much is at stake. It is much more difficult to let go when it feels like everything is at stake.

To see the set-up establishes an opening for transformation. Once the situation is recognized as a set-up, you will realize that it is not about a person or situation. That person or that situation is just playing a role for you, and those set-ups are designed to bring you exactly where you need to be so you can feel exactly what you need to feel and learn exactly what you need to learn. It is not about the external situation or person you are relating to. It is internal. Understand that it is about you and your own soul.

The possibility for consciousness lies within that moment. That moment is your point of power. When someone plays a role for you, it stimulates the possibility for this transformation to occur. As your fear, insecurity, judgment or anger is revealed, it becomes possible in that moment to unveil your highest perfection as you release the obstacle that keeps you from the light of God. In that moment, purification of fear, insecurity, judgment or anger is taking place.

Choosing Empowerment

A shift in consciousness happens when you choose empowerment, when you allow your insecurities to be purified. It may feel as if you are losing power because the ego does not feel gratified and strong. The ego feels defeated and weak, but in reality, your soul is gaining strength. When you play with the power of anger, you feel as if you have control. The sheer force of anger easily manipulates people and situations. 

With anger comes the illusion of power and control, but anger will not give you the experience of centered, anchored empowerment. To find real empowerment, you must allow yourself to go to the opposite pole, which is being powerless, and allow spirit to be at the helm.

Anger destructs; it can break a glass or push a fist into a wall. When you enter into the release and purification of anger, a creative, constructive energy begins to be realized. Anger is fueled by fear of the unknown, fear of loss of control, fear of vulnerability, and so on. When these filters of fear are removed, the same potential for energy exists. The power that fueled the anger, when it is void of the negative distortion, is now free to be experienced and expressed as a constructive, creative force that embodies healthy empowerment. Paradoxically, surrender, release of control, and acceptance pave the way for pure energy to be channeled. Learning how to harness this energy engenders the creative process. The energy is always accessible and can even gain in momentum once the distorting filters are no longer blocking its path. 

Energy is infinite.  It is only experienced as limited when you try to control it or when you try to own it by holding onto it. Your energy body is beyond your physical body. Your energy body is fueled by prana, the infinite, inexhaustible energy of the universe. It is the never-ending source of energy and empowerment that sustains us. By consciously allowing purification of the ego, and therefore development of your soul, you can tap into this source because there is nothing in you resisting it. When there is nothing in you that resists, the energy flows fully and effortlessly. Then you experience integration, empowerment, and union.

This spiritual practice — choosing empowerment through the witness, even in the most challenging of circumstances — is an ongoing practice. Through life’s trials and tribulations, you are constantly given opportunities to choose consciousness. The opportunities never stop, but as you become more adept at the practice, the load lightens. If the purpose of being on a spiritual path is transformation, which is soul realization and union with the Divine, then every step you take strengthens your spiritual muscles. When you become adept at meeting all life brings to you without complaint, and with gratitude, then you will realize this source has always been and always will be feeding your every move and your every breath. To say, “Thy will be done, not mine,” brings empowerment.
(April 2001)

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Maresha's Greeting to the Reader

May-June 2015

Dear Reader,

 Perseverance is the continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition. It is the single most important virtue in self-realization.

The simple act of returning again and again, to consciously breathe and enter into stillness, is the great sustainer. It is nourishment of the soul at the deepest level.

Blessings and love,


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Messages of Light is published by the Sanctuary of Universal Light on Snow Dragon Mountain in Meredith, New Hampshire. A snail mail edition is available bi-monthly, free of charge. www.snowdragonsanctuary.com