Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Spiritual Alchemy

Alchemy is the physical transformation of lead into gold. On a physical level, we have the ability to bind one substance to another to create a whole new substance. This physical alchemy is a reflection of the vaster and more expansive spiritual possibilities that are created through transformation of the soul.

We take what is heavy—our fear, our anger, and our self-pity—and transform it into self-awareness and finally into love. Prayer, meditation, repetition of mantra, sacred movement, and the breath are powerful tools of consciousness. They are capable of taking us to a frequency that creates healing and light. The breath is the doorway that takes us to the domain of the higher realms of consciousness. When we experience heaviness, we can return to the power of the breath. This creates a space of calm, meditative awareness that enables us to witness the destructive capacity of our some of our feelings. We enter the Assemblage Point of Light and perceive ourselves without judgment, without justification and without analysis. 

In spiritual alchemy, our shadow self binds with our divine light, and our profane self binds with our spiritual self. The energy of this binding releases healing and light that free us from our destructive energies. Our fear, anger, and self-pity are truly destructive, spinning us in circles of dust and sand. Over and over, they steer us away from spirit. When we meet them with the breath and the Assemblage Point of Light, we transform them and create a new substance. It is like four-wheel drive where the energy of the front and back wheels create far greater power together than either set of wheels can do alone. The meeting of shadow and light, of the profane and the spiritual, transforms our belief that our fear, anger, and self-pity are right and true and real. In this way, the forces of destruction become our allies, moving us from the unreal to the real, from darkness to light, and from lead to love.