Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Endless Circle of Grace

The divine flow is waiting for you to merge with its essence. The divine flow is waiting for you to discover yourself as soul. As you discover yourself as soul, you realize you are the divine flow. 
This is a great mystery that reveals the amazing desire of the soul, which longs to give freely because its natural state of consciousness is to give. As you merge with the divine essence and begin to give and to love, you unlock the door to the cycle of grace. All is received and all is given in an endless circle of blessing.

What are your demands or challenges right now? Reoccurring demands and challenges can be particularly frustrating. Everyone knows what it feels like to go two steps forward and one step back. Your frustrations are actually the key to finding inner freedom. Each one requires surrender and acceptance. Each one is a stepping stone, a jewel that is the fuel for the fire of transformation.

Surrender and acceptance are gateways to the state of grace. Wherever you have to surrender, whatever you have to accept, is how you realize grace. You may think of grace as something outside of yourself, which is mysteriously bestowed upon you. You may think it is good luck, or an unexpected bounty. You feel good. But somehow there is a sense that it happens to you, from the outside in.

Gracefulness (being full of grace) is the result of how adaptable and flexible you allow yourself to be as you rise to any situation without resistance. In order to live in a state of grace, you must accept everything, because grace is born from the places that are the most challenging and the most difficult.

You have the power to choose the consciousness which gives birth to the flow of grace. By sustaining the inner practices of surrender and acceptance, you open the door of your heart. As you open the door of your heart, you will find that grace has been living within you all along. Grace is the natural result of living life in the spirit of acceptance with an open heart.

As you cultivate living a life full of grace, accept everything just as it is.
Once you have done this, every encounter and every interaction becomes the fuel for deeper spiritual awareness. Every moment becomes the potential for clear insight and pure awareness.

Before that choice is made, you may face your challenges with resistance, negativism, martyrdom, victimization, or, at the very least, disdain. This choice is so important because it requires you to take responsibility for yourself and everything about your life. When you do not take responsibility, your reactions are held inside, allowing an internal struggle to set up camp in your body and mind.  Your mind may engage in ongoing chatter as you defend, justify, and project your thoughts onto a situation or person. Each thought is designed to entrench yourself in righteousness concerning your own feelings.

While the mind is busily engaged in self-terrorism (and terrorizing others as well, for our thought forms affect the objects of our focus), the body is also under fire. The intensity of reaction can result in muscle tension, a stomach ache, a tight chest, or a lump in the throat. The longer we engage in suppression, the more serious are the physical problems that manifest. Without the ability, or CHOICE, to let go into the light of consciousness, you are in the full ravages of suppression. Repeatedly indulging in karmic reactions to life causes great pain physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and yet, most people continue to do so.

The commitment to spiritual growth and to bringing more consciousness and awareness into your life, can purify and transform your reactions into a more subtle response, which allows your energies to continue flowing in your body and allows the mind to retain an emptiness—or space, if you will—for awareness without judgment. It is like turning the ugly duckling into a swan. From the compost of challenge emerges the fertile soil of awareness, communion, and growth. It is the stuff in the deepest part of yourself that you yearn for. You want to see and feel the beauty all around you. You want to shine your light in joy.

In conscious awareness you witness or watch everything. You witness your emotions rolling through the body. You witness your thoughts streaming through the mind. From the place of witness you experience everything while practicing becoming nothing.  When there is no holding of an emotion or thought, it is free to flow through.  Paradoxically, you see and feel everything, but hold nothing. Through this ever-deepening practice to allow life to move through you, all of the holding of the past slowly starts to melt and release, making room for more awareness to meet every moment more fully.

Surrender is the practice of allowing spirit to do its will through you. A peaceful grace is the result of the willingness to engage in surrender. Practice this by surrendering to the situation, surrendering to the thoughts and feelings, and surrendering to the moment. While you may feel the charge of reaction and anger, you can simultaneously allow yourself to witness and not hold.  This practice becomes the fire which burns through your suppressions and holdings and purifies your being with its heat.

With commitment and practice, the seeds of allowance, acceptance, and peace begin to grow within your heart and mind. As you realize that the everyday irritations and challenges are the fuel for transformation, a natural willingness emerges to accept, look forward to, and be thankful for every single moment of every single day. Surrendering to what is, allows spirit’s light to shine upon you. This infusion of light penetrates the depths of your open heart. Your open heart is the gateway for grace. This is how you live a life full of grace and realize the circle of continued blessing. May you be full of grace.