Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Human Suffering

People who experience dissolution may or may not deserve it. We should not judge them. On a human or moral level, they may well be innocent; sometimes very good people suffer and such suffering appears to be unjust. The soul, however, deserves to experience the episodes it chooses. A person may need to disassemble for reasons of the soul. 

Perhaps a person is suffering for the soul’s actions in another life time. All of us, in our multiple lifetimes, have killed other people, have killed ourselves, have suffered terrible diseases, have known destitution, have perpetrated and been perpetrated upon. We work through these events in one lifetime or another.

Many people suffer the same or similar calamities. Some of them recover while others do not. Why is this so? When a soul has its reasons, its progress cannot be stopped. We might yearn deeply to stop the track of unhappiness and the terrible dissolution that our friends and relatives experience. This yearning of ours does not assist them. Another possibility is for us to respect the path of the soul.

The suffering a person experiences does not end with itself. Even if they suffer for a lifetime or choose to end their life because of the extremity of their suffering, they will begin to assemble again. No matter what the extent of their disintegration may be, they are held by universal law and by the light of the Goddess. They are held by the light and love of the universe. When they recognize where they are, when they recognize the strength of spirit, they will turn. Disassembly cannot end with itself. Assembly always follows disassembly.

If you see your own suffering in the suffering of others, you believe in it with them. Then you are supporting their suffering, and you assist it by confirming its power. Your own fear hooks into it and makes it stronger. Their suffering stimulates your memory of suffering, and together you intensify one another’s suffering. This is what pity is.

When you no longer see yourself in their pain, your identity is not confirmed by their unhappiness. Then you experience compassion, a benevolent kindness that is detached from your own experience of suffering. This compassion knows no yearning and no conflict. You become a healing presence that heals simply by the presence of its own light, without effort and without energy. You can see deeply into the heart of the suffering person because you are not bound by fear, sorrow, memory and dread within yourself. You achieve perfect clarity without judgment of others or yourself. The potential for this knowledge exists, not in the mind, but in the heart. The perfect clarity you can achieve is not a matter of understanding but of love. Then you are healing by holding the light of the Absolute, and you are centered in that light. You will not need to do anything because the light will do its work through you. Then you will heal simply as you are: self-existing, self-fulfilling, and self-sustaining.
(September 30, 2005)

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